Jabbers was conceived by a fishing tackle designer who is crazy about freshwater monster fish and aspire to conquer as many species as possible in his lifetime.

Due to the unavailability of travel rods for his specialized fishing needs, he set out to design rods for his monster quest – multi piece rods that could be packed in small haversacks for ease of travelling, with the sensitivity of a single piece rod, yet robust enough to handle a powerful fish.

Highest Dedication to Monster Fish Anglers

The first prototypes quickly drew strong interest from like-minded monster fish enthusiasts from France to Indonesia, and the Jabbers team was formed. The initial concept of targeting freshwater river monsters quickly escalated to area specific solutions for troubled anglers. Purpose built rods (both freshwater and saltwater) to target specific species in hard to reach locations were soon on the way.

The globe-trotting Jabbers team reached out far and wide to spread their product concepts and ideology and quickly converted many conventional rod users, who now have full confidence in multi piece travel rods, regardless of fish species or terrain. If you are not convinced yet, have a look on our photos.

About Jabbers

Every hook up is a rare opportunity for the angler to battle the gift of nature.

Every anglers understand that each encounter with a worthy opponent from the wild is a rare opportunity and every fish must be treated with utmost respect. Like a jab punch, the strike of a Jabbers rod is clean, swift and decisive.

The sensitivity and strength of each rod allows the angler to feel and predict the movement of their opponent in the wild environment, allowing him to react and tame the fish in the shortest possible time. This results in minimal trauma to the fish so that it can be released back to the wild.

The simplest form of respect is to wield a quality weapon for the battle – in this case, a Jabbers rod.