Jabbers Beast Flogger Casting BFC725H
Jabbers Beast Flogger Casting BFC725H
Jabbers Beast Flogger Casting BFC725H
Jabbers Beast Flogger Casting BFC725H
Jabbers Beast Flogger Casting BFC725H

Jabbers Beast Flogger Casting BFC725H

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A heavier cousin of the Wanderlust, the Jabbers Beast Flogger is also a 5-piece travel rod but targets stronger species, hence its name. This 7ft 2 inches casting rod has a well-balanced tip to achieve respectable distance casting with good accuracy, which is extremely important for chasing giant snakeheads in Asia. The special reinforced blank walls on the lower half of the rod imparts plenty of power for changing the course of a fighting fish, allowing the angler to put the brakes on dirty fighters. 

The tip section of the Jabbers Beast Flogger is well suited for working big surface pencils and big crank baits. It also works beautifully when working big spinnerbaits for targeting pikes, bass and even Murray cods.

When the Beast Flogger is loaded, a progressive curve in the rod can be seen, transitioning from a sensitive tip to a strong mid-section and finally to a powerful butt.  Like the Wanderlust, it is constructed using quality materials from Japan, including the original Toray carbon cloth and Fuji Sic guides and reel seat.

Closing down to only 49cm, it is an ideal companion for long range expeditions and like all other Jabbers 5-piece travel rods, is available in the specially designed Jabbers Expedition Case.

BFC725H Casting Heavy Fast 2.18cm 7'2"
70g max
Fuji Alconite 5


All the joints on your rod have been carefully constructed to provide a good fit. However, with continuous use, there is a chance that the joints may start to loosen due to wear and tear. The use of a thin layer of ferrule wax will eliminate this problem. Jabbers recommend the use of Loon Outdoors Graffitolin Ferrule Wax. For proper application of ferrule wax, please refer to instructions on Loon Outdoors website.

After exposure to salt water, high temperature and humidity, there is a chance that the joints become hard to dismantle. Do not try to twist the rod by holding onto the guides. This may damage the guides. Instead, wash the joints with fresh water, use a rod wrap and coil snugly around the blank. This provides an excellent grip on the blank and will help you dismantle your rod with ease. If this does not work, further cool down your rod with freshwater and try again


Jabbers Beast Flogger  as all Jabbers rods is constructed using quality Fuji guides and does not require extra maintenance. It is however important to thoroughly flush down all the guides and the reel seat with fresh water after use to prevent corrosion


The high-density neoprene rod bag that is provided will adequately shield your rod from scratches and harmful UV rays. Always keep your rod in the neoprene bag until you need it. If you plan to transport your rod in a checked-in luggage, the use of the Jabbers Expedition case is highly recommended to protect your rods from rough handling